Himalaya Koflet herbal pain lozenges 12 pcs

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Herbal lozenges, no pain because 12 pieces in the Himalayas

Himalaje herbal lozenges. The package contains 12 lozenges. Koflet for herbal, antiallergic, antibacterial lozenges,

pain relief. Indispensable for a new cough. Effective in inflammation of the larynx and bronchi.

They reduce the sub-application of the bronchial mucosa.

INDICATIONS Inflammation, Laryngitis, Cough.

Dosage: tablets 1-3 times a day are not in the entire amount


-Trikatu 40mg

-Khadira (catechu acacia) 35 mg

-Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) 25 mg

-Lavanga (Syzygium aromatic) 20mg

-Ela (Elettaria cardamom) 2.5 mg

-Tvak (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) 2.5 mg

Expiration date 11.2021

The non-original package contains 12 pills for pain. Originally packed in 100 lozenges.