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Popular in southern states of India, Idly rice is parboiled Indian rice. Idly Rice is white in color and looks fluffy. Boiled rice provides an unique aroma and incredible taste.Its used specifically for making idli (savoury rice cake traditionally made by steaming the fermented batter of rice and dal) and dosa (a thin pancake or crepe originating from South India made by steaming the fermented batter of rice and dal).

Idli Rice TRS


As the name suggests, Idli Rice is used to prepare the batter for South Indian idlis and dosas. Idlis are soft, fluffy steamed rice-lentil cakes that are part of the staple diet in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc. They can be served as is with sambhar and chutneys. Or shallow fried in oil with seasoning and molagappodi powder (chutney powder). Idlis can also be mixed with curd, seasoned with curry leaves, mustard and chilies and served cold.


Idli batter recipe:

1. Soak 3 cups Idli rice and 1 cup Urid dal separately, overnight. One spoon of methi seeds can also be added to the soaked rice.

2. Grind the rice and dal in the morning and mix well.

3. Add salt and leave the batter to ferment for 8-10 hours in a warm place.

4. Use immediately or store in the refrigerator. Some people use different proportions of rice and lentils. Instead of 3:1, it can be 4:1.


Idli’s health benefits- Each idli contains very minimal fat and cholesterol and adds just 40-50 calories. It is a light snack that provides proteins and carbohydrates.



Idli Rice TRS:

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