Brass Aarti Diya 1pcs.

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Aarti diya is a small lamp made of brass. The diya has a small bowl in which oil or ghee is burned and there is a wick on the surface which is lit.

During the aarti ceremony, the aarti diya is lit. Burning a lamp is symbolic and aims to purify the atmosphere, create holy light and honor the deity. While chanting the aarti, participants rotate the aarti diya around the deity or object of worship. This moving light is considered a symbolic introduction of divine presence. Lamps are often filled with oil or ghee (clarified butter) to fuel the flame. It also has symbolic meaning, representing purification and sacrifice.

Aarti ceremonies are an important element of Hindu prayer practices, and aarti diya is one of the tools used to express reverence and pay tribute to gods or goddesses.