Coriander (Dhania) Powder 400g/1kg Pran

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Coriander powder is a very valuable spice because of its taste and smell. Known already in ancient times, now cultivated all over the world. It is also called "Chinese parsley". It is one of the basic ingredients of Asian and Indian cuisine. It goes perfectly with both sweet and spicy dishes.

Coriander (Dhania) Powder Pran




Ground coriander contains valuable polyphenols, organic acids and amino acids that have a very beneficial effect on the overall condition of our body. This spice is rich in vitamins C, A and B2, it also contains protein compounds, cellulose, mineral salts, fats and essential oils, which are responsible for the rich aroma of coriander.

Coriander powder is made from grinding only the best coriander seeds. This coriander powder is ground in house so you get the fresh delicious taste of coriander in every packet. The most common use of coriander seed is in curry powder.





weight: 400g/1kg