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The bell used in pooja is often called a "Pooja Ghanti" or simply "Ghanti." The bell holds significance in Hindu worship and is considered an essential accessory during religious practices.

The sound of the bell is believed to ward off evil forces and symbolizes the calling of the divine. It is thought to purify the environment and create a sacred atmosphere during worship. During pooja ceremonies, the bell is rung at specific moments to mark the beginning or end of a ritual, to invoke the deity, or to signal devotees to focus their attention. The ringing is often accompanied by chanting of prayers or mantras. The sound of the bell is said to create a positive and spiritual vibration, helping practitioners to concentrate and enter into a meditative state. It is also believed to awaken the divine forces and seek blessings.

The use of the Ghanti varies across different Hindu traditions and practices, but it generally holds a special place in the ritualistic aspects of worship. The act of ringing the bell is considered not only a physical action but also a symbolic and spiritual gesture.