Pooja Samagri Pack Prashadh

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  • Manufacturer: Prashadh
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Prashadh is an innovative brand rejuvenating floral waste from worship sites into eco-friendly incense. It aims to add value to waste, promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The Pooja Samagri Pack by Prashadh encapsulates the quintessential elements for Hindu religious services, compiled to facilitate ritualistic practices. It includes Jau (barley), Til (sesame), Janai (holy thread), Supari (betel nut), Abir (color pigment), Kesari (saffron), Sindur (red pigment), Pancha Pallab (five leaves), Pancharatna (five gems), Sapta mritika (seven types of soil), Sunko Partima (small idols), Pancharatna Dhago (five threads), Rakchyabandhan (holy threads), Kapal batne dori (skull tying cords), Kaiyo (shells), Chura (bangles), Pote (beads), Aina (mirror), Tika (red paste), Acheta (ornate fabrics), Bateko Dhoop (incense), Sinke Dhoop (stick incense), Rato Kapada (red cloth), Sarseu (mustard), Kapur (camphor), Kapash ko Batti (cotton wicks), Labha (gain). Each component is meticulously selected to support prayer and meditation, bringing prosperity and protection.

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Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Prashadh
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Pooja Samagri Pack Prashadh
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