Coconut milk - 12 x 400g

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The coconut palm is a plant that the inhabitants of the Pacific islands do just about anything. Coconut milk is one of those products.

What determines the value of coconut ingredients comes down to the fats it contains. But what is very important are the so-called saturated fats. MCTs that your body burns down instantly. Also, their absorption is comparable to carbohydrates, but the energy gained is much greater with the same amount of oxygen. But the real point is that saturated fat doesn't build up as body fat.

The second key benefit of coconut milk is its lauric acid content. Scientific research proves that lauric acid works:


- antibacterial,

- antiprotozoal.


Supports the immune system. This is precisely because of the monolaurethane, which is formed as a result of transformations of the above-described acid. Monolaureane affects the protein-lipid membranes of bacteria and viruses, dissolving them, and as a result, the pathogen is destroyed.

A great alternative for people who do not want or cannot eat animal products. Milk is also recommended for allergy sufferers, it does not cause allergies, unlike cow's milk, it has a lot of vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C and minerals: magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and the level of electrolytes in it is almost identical as in human blood plasma.

Recipes provide a wide range of possibilities for the use of coconut milk. Mostly curries, soups and creams. In addition to vegetarian dishes, meat dishes also make great use of the taste of coconut milk.

A can of coconut milk

Ingredients: coconut extract 59.09%, water 40.61%, stabilizer E412, emulsifiers E466 and E435, citric acid (E330), preservative E 223 (may sensitize).