Basmati Rice Dubar/Exotic 1kg India Gate

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Basmati is a variety of white rice traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. Basmati rice is long, slender-grained and aromatic. This variety of rice is popular for its distinct aroma and unique flavour. Although commonly used to make different types of biryanis, there's a lot more that you can do with basmati rice than make biryani. Because of its size, aroma and taste basmati offers itself to a number of delicious Indian recipes.

Basmati Rice Dubar India Gate


India Gate Basmati Rice is ideal for multitude of special dishes for daily usage. India Gate Basmati Rice brings out the real characteristics of its grains. Dubar Basmati rice aroma, taste and texture is unmatched.

Our product is uniquely identified by its fragrance and length of its grains.


weight: 1kg

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Type: basmati