Instant Coffee Classic Perfetto 200g

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  • Manufacturer: Perfetto
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Perfetto is an Indian brand specializing in the production and sale of coffee from various regions and varieties of coffee beans. The brand offers Arabica, Robusta and blends to meet customers' different tastes. Perfetto works to make every cup of coffee aromatic, rich and strong. The offer includes both coffee beans and instant coffee.

Perfetto Classic instant coffee is made by removing all the water from the coffee. The use of the freeze-drying method allows you to preserve the incredible depth of flavor that comes from Arabica beans. The freeze-drying method also keeps the aroma intact to ensure an overall and perfect coffee drinking experience.



Pour 1 tablespoon of Perfetto Classic coffee into the mug

Pour hot water/milk

Add sugar according to your preference



Properties of Perfetto coffee:

A precise blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for maximum flavor. The best coffee beans sourced from optimal Coorg coffee plantations. No chicory, no added sugar and artificial additives.

Dodatkowe informacje:

Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Perfetto
Wielkość opakowania (g): 200 g
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Instant Coffee Classic Perfetto
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 200