Falooda Drink Almond Flavour AliBaba 290ml

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AliBaba is a renowned brand of food products, whose offer includes high-quality oils, beverages, dals, spices and much more. Known for its commitment to providing products of excellent quality, AliBaba focuses on variety and taste, bringing culinary experiences to your table.

Falooda Drink Almond AliBaba is a real feast for the senses, combining original taste with a refreshing experience. Falooda is a popular dessert from the Indian subcontinent. Almond Falooda AliBaba is a refreshing and aromatic drink that combines various flavors and textures. The main ingredients are Basil Seeds (tukmaria), water, milk powder and almonds.

With a delicate almond aroma, this drink takes you to a world rich in flavors and pleasures. Enjoy a moment of relaxation with this unique combination of tradition and modernity. Discover the refreshing taste of almonds in every sip, enjoying the unforgettable experience of the Falooda Drink from AliBaba.

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Manufacturer: AliBaba
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Falooda Drink Almond AliBaba
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 300