Ginger Flavour Tea Bags Wagh Bakri 100 bags

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Wagh Bakri is a renowned tea company in India. It is one of the leading tea producers in the country and has a long history dating back to 1892. The company was founded by Shri Naraina Dasji and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the family. Wagh Bakri is known for its high-quality tea, which is carefully selected and blended to provide excellent taste and aroma. Wagh Bakri's product range includes various types of tea such as black tea, green tea, masala tea, fruit tea, and more. The company has a wide distribution network, both domestically and internationally, and is well-regarded by consumers in India and abroad.

Ginger Flavour Tea Bags is a unique variation of tea offered by the renowned brand Wagh Bakri. The set contains 100 tea bags with an aromatic ginger flavor.

These tea bags are convenient to use and ensure an excellent cup of ginger tea in every serving. Each tea bag's weight is carefully designed to provide optimal immersion and extraction of the tea leaves' flavors.

Ginger tea has a distinctive character and health benefits. Ginger, known for its warming and health-promoting properties, adds depth of flavor and aroma to this exceptional tea. You can enjoy its benefits during relaxation or after a long day, experiencing a pleasant warmth in your body.

Ginger Flavour Tea Bags Wagh Bakri is an ideal choice for ginger tea lovers who value convenience and excellent taste. The set containing 100 tea bags will allow you to savor the aroma in multiple cups of ginger tea, providing long-lasting enjoyment and refreshment.

Order the Ginger Flavour Tea Bags Wagh Bakri 100 bags today and indulge in the unique taste of ginger tea that will transport you to a world of relaxation and sensory delight.

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Form: express
Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Wagh Bakri
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Ginger Flavour Tea Bags Wagh Bakri
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Additional features: wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 200