Tukmaria 100g

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Tukmaria Seeds / Basil Asian / Holy bazyli- (lat. Ocimum basilicum)

In many Asian countries, is the "holy seed", thanks to its unique properties.

Its popularity in the West owe dietary capabilities, in addition to the diet cheat hunger, because they contain a lot of fiber. Thanks to the gel coating of seeds slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars, which reduces weight and appetite.

The seeds also reduce cholesterol and remove toxins from the intestines.

They help in the treatment of respiratory diseases and anti-stress work.

In India, basil seeds consumed in the form of cocktails, especially in summer to Cool the body.

Tukmaria seed consumption is advisable for diabetics, as regulate blood sugar levels. One of the benefits of consuming the seed is getting rid of the problems with constipation and soothing effect on the stomach, particularly in the case of hyperacidity and heartburn.

Mix the crushed seed and coconut oil provides very good results for many skin diseases. Seeds should be broken down without prior soaking. Dissolve the oil in a saucepan and add the seeds and combine with fire. Strain and use when cold.

Holy basil seeds are very rich in vitamins, especially K, which I keep skin and hair in good condition. Contain large quantities of protein and iron. Their store is also not a problem.