Tahina Sesame Syrup (Tahini) 400g/800g/18kg Durra

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Tahina Sesame syrup (Tahini) Durra


Durra Tahina is a paste made of roasted sesame seeds. One of the basic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. On the basis of sesame paste, for example, halva or popular humus are produced.

- sesame seeds contain 10 times more calcium than milk - ideal for people allergic to lactose.

- in natural proportion to calcium, there is magnesium in sesame, these proportions are extremely important as they allow you to avoid many diseases,

- sesame is also a source of protein that does not differ much from chicken protein, and in addition it is easily digestible.



Ingredients: roasted and ground sesame seeds 100% (Tahina)



weight: 400g/800g/18kg