Ponni Boiled Rice Cauvery 20kg

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Cauvery brand of ponni rice is the brainchild of GSNR rice Industries Private Limited. Established in 2008, we are Tamil Nadu's leading processor and marketer of premium quality agro products. We are into the third generation of business with a comitment to provide pesticide-free healthy food. Our grains come from the farmers of Cauvery Delta who adhere to our quality standards.We tap into our expertise in selecting authentic grains, which are left to age for 14 months. Our state-of-the-art mill located at Poovalur and Lalgudi leverages technology at every stage of rice production. Further, our team of technicians and quality experts ensure we deliver pure authentic flavour in perfect hygeine. Despite our popularity in the wholesale sector, we thoroughly reseach customer tastes and expectations. This way, we tailor our products to suit different customer palettes across the globe and adapt to various trade channels.

Ponni rice is a type of medium-short grain rice used for everyday cooking. It has an excellent source of protein and a high content of nutrients. Ponni Boiled Rice is a variety of rice grown in South India. Ponni literally means gold in Tamil and also refers to the Kaveri River.
Parboiled rice is steamed before grinding and partially cooked in the husk. Therefore, parboiling makes parboiled white rice nutritionally similar to brown rice. Boiled rice may sound like it's pre-cooked, but it's not. Ponni boiled rice cooks a firmer, less sticky rice dish than regular white rice. Ponni rice is a staple in South India and Southeast Asia. You can use Ponni boiled rice for basic meals (e.g. curries), steamed rice cakes (idli), desserts, sweets and many other dishes. Boiled rice is the common rice used for daily consumption in South India and is used to prepare dishes such as Kichadi, curries, desserts and many other dishes. To prepare boiled rice, always wash the rice in your hands with a soft twisting motion to avoid breaking the grains. Soak the rice for 30-45 minutes before cooking. It is not recommended to clean the rice after soaking.


Nutrition Facts:
Unlike brown and white rice, the processing of boiled rice begins before the husk is removed. Because of this special processing of the rice during parboiled rice, it is a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice.
Because boiled rice is low in fiber, it is suitable for children and is also soothing to the digestive system


Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Cauvery
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Trade name: Ponni Boiled Rice Cauvery
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