Cumin Powder Aachi 200g

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Reflecting this rich Indian tradition is Aachi, a name synonymous with purity, taste and premiumness. Every pinch of Aachi Spices and Spice Blends is a journey of rediscovering Indianness; an appreciation of the brand's unwavering promise of authenticity.

Cumin Powder Aachi 


Selected cumin variety is ground and packed hygienically. Aachi cumin powder can be used for making curry, rasam, soup and omelette also. Use ground cumin to create authentic curry powders, pastes and blends from all over the world. Prepare vegetable or meat dishes, chutneys and preserves, and many more. Ground cumin is also essential for making lots of Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine.

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Manufacturer: Aachi