Nepali Bamboo Shoots Aama Ko Achar 380g

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  • Manufacturer: Aama Ko Achar
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Under the brand name AAMA KO ACHAR, registered as NEPAL ACHAR UDHYOG Sangita, Sangita is passionately pursuing her love for pickle production and creating varieties of purely homemade pickles. Her pickles have one goal: to introduce a homegrown product filled with the finest fresh ingredients to the market.

Nepali bamboo shoots are a unique delicacy that nicely captures the flavors of Nepali cuisine. The name "Aama Ko Achar" translates to "Mother's Pickle," highlighting its traditional character and significant role in Nepali households.

This product consists of delicate pieces of young bamboo shoots that have been marinated in water and seasoned with turmeric. Each piece of shoot gradually absorbs the flavors, gently soaking and adopting the distinctive, slightly spicy taste of turmeric.

The young bamboo shoots gradually take on flavors, creating a flavor profile ranging from subtly spicy to mildly tangy. It's a simple ingredient that combines the natural taste of bamboo shoots with the bold taste of turmeric, resulting in a taste sensation that delights the palate.

Nepali young bamboo shoots, Aama Ko Achar, are not just food; they also carry cultural significance and evoke memories of home-cooked flavors. Often served as a side dish or snack, they add flavor to a variety of dishes, from rice-based meals to meat dishes. It's a tangible example of Nepali culinary craftsmanship and a connection to traditional recipes and family meals.

With every bite of the bamboo shoots in Aama Ko Achar, you can experience the essence of Nepali flavors and be reminded of memories tied to home and family cooking.



Nepali Bamboo Shoot, Water & Turmeric


Dodatkowe informacje:

Country of origin: Nepal
Manufacturer: Aama Ko Achar
Type: bambus
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Nepali Bamboo Shoots Aama Ko Achar
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: wegańskie, wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 380