Channa Jor Garam Mirch Masala 340g

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  • Manufacturer: Mirch Masala
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Mirch Masala is an Indian brand from Deep Foods specializing in the production of unique snacks. The delicacies are distinguished by the richness of flavors and aromas, thanks to perfectly selected spices and authentic recipes. Each product is carefully prepared with natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality and authentic Indian flavors.

Channa Jor Garam is a popular street snack in India, known for its unique flavor and irresistibly crunchy texture. Here's a description of this snack:

Channa Jor Garam is a street-side snack in India that tantalizes taste buds with its extraordinary flavor and satisfyingly crisp texture. It's a true sensory delight and a testament to the culinary creativity of street vendors.

The primary ingredient in Channa Jor Garam is roasted chickpeas. These small, nutty-flavored spheres are prepared in a special way to give them their distinctive crunch while preserving their natural taste. Chickpeas are dry-roasted in a pan or special ovens until they turn golden-brown and crispy. This process imparts the snack with its signature texture.

Next, the roasted chickpeas are seasoned with spices that give them a bold flavor. These seasonings may include chili, salt, black pepper, cumin, and other aromatic ingredients. As a result, Channa Jor Garam has a mildly spicy flavor that's both fragrant and addictive.

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Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Mirch Masala
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Channa Jor Garam Mirch Masala
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: wegańskie, wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 340