Ganesh Figurine On Throne 16,5cm

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It all began in 1950 on a marketplace in Pakistan: Chauhdry Mohammed Shafi opened the "Mubarik Commission Shop" in the city of Pattoki. As a wholesaler, he would purchase cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat, corn, and rapeseeds from farmers in the surrounding areas to resell them to factories. This successful model was taken to the next level by his two sons in Germany: in 1994, the brothers Chauhdry Mubarik Ahmad and Chauhdry Mohammed Ahmed founded the Berlin-based company "Chauhdry Food Traders" (CFT). They directly sourced food products from India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries, supplying Indian and Asian restaurants in Berlin and the surrounding area, as well as numerous retailers.

We invite you to purchase our exceptional Ganesh figurine on a throne, which will undoubtedly add a unique charm and spirituality to your interior. This magnificent sculpture, with impressive dimensions - 16,5 cm in height, 13 cm in width, and 9 cm in depth - has been meticulously handcrafted from clay by talented Indian artisans, for whom art is not only a profession but also a value passed down from generation to generation.

The figurine portrays Ganesh, the Hindu god of wisdom, intellect, and beginnings, in a regal aspect seated on the back of a mighty lion. This symbolic motif reflects power and control over nature, while also showcasing the harmony between humans and animals. The figurine is not only beautifully adorned but also carries rich cultural and spiritual significance.

This extraordinary work of art is also an essential item for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi festival, during which homage is paid to Lord Ganesh. Its presence in your home will bring positive energy, prosperity, protection, and serve as a reminder of the profound values and traditions of Hinduism.

With a solid weight of approximately 580g, this figurine boasts stability and an authentic character. The handiwork of the artists ensures that each piece is slightly different, making it a unique and unparalleled work of art.

We invite you to order this splendid Ganesh figurine, which will not only be a beautiful decorative element but will also bring deep spirituality and a positive atmosphere to your home.

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Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Chaudary Food Traders
Wysokość produktu: 16,5
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Genesh Figurine
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: lack
Weight (g): 580