Pressure Cooker Clip-On Prestige 5L (Gas and Induction)

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  • Manufacturer: Prestige
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Clip-On Pressure Cooker Prestige 5L (Gas and Induction)

Clip-On Pressure Cooker Prestige 



Clip-On, a multi utility pressure cooker from Prestige! With the new range of all-in-one Clip-On, you can now saute, steam, fry, boil and pressure cook. The Clip-on range is modular in design, meaning you can use the same unique lid on all the utensils in this range. The lid can be placed in any position and be closed safely by rotating. Available in cooker and cookware shapes, it is one of the finest offering in kitchen to table range cookware!



Material type: Stainless steel

Base type: Induction base

Size: 5L

Lid type: Outer Lid

Colour: Silver



Unique Universal Lid
One Lid can fit all the Clip-On cookware range of different sizes. Also the lid can be placed in any direction (no lugs) and twist in right direction to close, making it very easy to close and open. The lid comes with a heat resistant handle for convenience.


Maximum Safety
Clip-On is made to provide high standards of safety. It comes with four levels of safety: Metallic safety plug, weight valve assembly, central gasket release system and pressure indicator. Due to visual pressure indicator and safety lock feature, once steam is build up, then the pressure cooker lid cannot be opened, thus making it extremely safe to use.


The base is induction and gas stove compatible. It is an extra thick Alpha base made of steel aluminium steel sandwich base, it covers entire pressure cooker bottom which facilitates faster cooking and hence minimizes gas usage.


This cooker comes with a glass lid due to which it can be used as pressure cooker and cookware as well. It is suitable for saute, steaming, frying, boiling, deep frying and pressure cooking. Due to the attractive design it is perfect kitchen to table utensil for your kitchen.


Glass Lid With Ladle Holder
Transparent glass lid can be used for cooking as well as for placing ladle (spoon) on knob which makes the usage convenient and hygienic.


Body Material
The Clip-on body is made of high quality stainless steel which steel is very hard, heavier and heats fast. It does not rust and retains shiny look for a long period of time. It has sturdy handle with double screws and flame guard making it convenient to use.