Ahmed Green Chilli Sauce 300ml

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  • Manufacturer: Ahmed Foods
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Ahmed Green Chilli Sauce


Ahmed Foods is mouthwatering green chilli sauce provides you with the wonderful taste of green chillies combined with the meal blend of spices to give the perfect dipping sauce for your snacks and meals. Freshly made with pure and finest green chilli spice. An ideal dipping sauce which adds an extra zing to any dish it's added to.


weight: 330ml


Ingredients: green chilli, sugar, fresh mint, fresh coriander, garlic, salt, acetic acid (E-260), Vegetable Gum (E-415), Permitted food colors Tartrazine (E-102), F.D & C. Yellow no.5 and Brilliant Blue (E-133) F.D &C. Blue no. 1 & Preservative SO2 (E-220).