Mustard Seeds Brown TRS

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brown mustard seeds,tori ,nasiona gorczycy, rai,

Mustard Seeds Brown TRS, 100

TRS Brown Mustard Seeds are used mainly for the tempering of dals and vegetables and have a pungent taste. They are the main ingredient either whole, or crushed, for Indian pickles in oil.

Storage: To retain freshness and flavour store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.

Consumed in adequate amounts mustard antibacterial, it soothes inflammation of the bronchi, and rheumatism. It can be applied in the form of ointments and oils gorczycowych.
Black mustard strongly stimulates the secretion of stomach acids, so you should follow the dosage so as not to damage the kidney.
Spicy grains are also useful as therapeutic wraps and gargles, but also they can not exaggerate. Warming wrap may end up damaging the skin and blisters if contact with the skin will be too long. Mustard strongly stimulates blood circulation, particularly in the uterus.