Tulsi Lemon Ginger 100g (loose leaf tea) Organic India

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Organic India Tulsi Tea Lemon Ginger features three sacred varieties of tulsi - krishna, vana and rama. It gently cleanses your entire system with the addition of ginger and lemongrass, long used to support the lymphatic system, liver and digestive system. This blend has a warm, inviting flavor that's naturally caffeine-free and full of antioxidants.

Tulsi Benefits:

    Supports the immune system
    Adaptogenic compounds support the body during times of stress
    High in antioxidants
    Promotes stamina
    Aids digestion
    Promotes healthy aging
    Promotes metabolism balance
    Encourages balanced energy and a positive mood

Organic India Tulsi Tea Original is:

    Made with Sustainably Grown Herbs