Mukhwas Masala Chauhdry Food Traders 1kg

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It all began in 1950 on a marketplace in Pakistan: Chauhdry Mohammed Shafi opened the "Mubarik Commission Shop" in the city of Pattoki. As a wholesaler, he would purchase cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat, corn, and rapeseeds from farmers in the surrounding areas to resell them to factories. 
This successful model was taken to the next level by his two sons in Germany: in 1994, the brothers Chauhdry Mubarik Ahmad and Chauhdry Mohammed Ahmed founded the Berlin-based company "Chauhdry Food Traders" (CFT). They directly sourced food products from India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries, supplying Indian and Asian restaurants in Berlin and the surrounding area, as well as numerous retailers.

Mukhwas Masala is a spice or a blend of aromatic seeds and herbs that is popular in Indian cuisine. Mukhwas is a type of chewable mixture that is traditionally consumed after meals to aid digestion and freshen breath. Mukhwas Masala has a distinctive taste and aroma that helps in refreshing the breath after meals and aids in digestion. It is also known for its mildly digestive properties. Mukhwas Masala is available in many spice shops or grocery stores specializing in Indian products. It can also be prepared at home by mixing the appropriate ingredients in the right proportions.

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Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Chauhdry Food Traders
Type: odświeżacz do ust
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Mukhwas Masala Chauhdry Food Traders
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Additional features: wegańskie
Weight (g): 1000