Kashmiri chilli powder Aachi 1kg

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  • Manufacturer: Aachi
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Reflecting this rich Indian tradition is Aachi, a name synonymous with purity, taste and premiumness. Every pinch of Aachi Spices and Spice Blends is a journey of rediscovering Indianness; an appreciation of the brand's unwavering promise of authenticity.

Kashmiri Chilli Powder from Aachi is a special blend of medium hot pepper. Used in grilled dishes and curries, it gives them a red color and distinct flavor. Dishes prepared with the addition of this unique spice will taste delicious and look attractive.

Dodatkowe informacje:

Country of origin: Indie
Manufacturer: Aachi
Type: chilli
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Kashmiri chilli powder Aachi
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: lack
Weight (g): 1000