Eucalyptus Essential Oil 50ml Ashwin

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil 50ml Ashwin

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Ashwin


Eucalyptus opens the lungs and encourages breathing, clears clogged nasal passages and bronchial congestion making eucalyptus one of the best known cold remedies. Eucalyptol, one of its main constituents, is found in many over-the-counter cough drops. Eucalyptus oil is also a good pain reliever for sore muscles and arthritis pain. Eucalyptus is used externally for colds, flu, coughs, bronchitis, sinusitis and catarrh. Add a few drops of the pure oil to a bowl of hot water, and inhale the vapors for a few minutes. Alternatively for more portable relief, put a couple of drops on a hanky and inhale the scent. To relieve colds etc during the night, a rub using 10ml of a massage oil (sweet almond, sunflower, grape seed, wheat germ, olive etc) and 6 drops of eucalyptus oil can be made up and applied before bed time.


Composition: 100% pure Eucalyptus oil.


-Natural Oil
-Helpful In Sinus
-Best Quality


Eucalyptus oils are made up of over 100 different compounds. Its main chemical components are a-pinene, b-pinene,
α-fellandren, 1,8-cineole, limonene, terpinene-4-ol, aromadendrene, epiglobulol, piperitone and globulol.



weight: 50ml