Chemba Red Rice Flour 1kg Double Horse

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Double Horse portfolio has rice powders- breakfast mixes to instant mixes, wheat products, curry powders and condiments ,naturally preserved pickles, health foods, ready-to-cook & ready-to-eat products, traditional preserves, coconut products and more; and is dedicatedly developing new and innovative product ranges, to keep up with its promise to deliver good food and in turn, inculcate a healthy eating habit. Today, Manjilas Double Horse offers its customers the widest variety of good food with more than 20 superior types of rice and 250 premium quality food products in different ranges.

Chemba Red Rice Flour Double Horse



Red rice flour is a popular ingredient in South India cuisine. You can prepare many tasty dishes, such as Chemba puttu podi.


You can use red rice flour to make a variety of dishes including bread, cakes, fresh pasta and so on. Simple to consume as a Dosa, Roti, Masala Roti, Uttapam, Paddus, Steamed rice balls, Sweet and savoury of your choice. Just add side accompaniment of your choice, good to go for eat at any time. It can be alternate for wheat flour in cakes and biscuits.




Ingredients: red rice flour




weight: 1kg