Fine Peanut Cashew Burfi 95g Mani Mark

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Fine Peanut Cashew Burfi 95g Mani Mark- burfi made of finely ground peanuts and cashews.

Fine Peanut Cashew Burfi Mani Mark



Burfi (barfi) is a sweet dessert, especially popular in North India. Burfi in consistency resembles fudge, belongs to the group of desserts called mithai (sweets prepared especially for Indian holidays).

As the name suggests, Fine Peanut Cashew Burfi is prepared from finely ground peanuts, cashews and jaggery.



Allergen information: contains peanuts




weight: 95g





-The perfect delicacy for any occasion!

- A delicious and healthy snack that gives you instant energy!

-Perfect ready-to-serve sweetness that all your guests will love.

-Made of the highest quality ingredients