Food coloring yellow TRS 500g

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Food Coloring Yellow TRS

Food coloring TRS. There is a fixture repair, color enhancement, appearance enhancement. Our TRS EGG Yellow Food Color Gives the dish a wonderful yellow hue and can be deepened or lightened if necessary.

Application in the kitchen:

- Suitable for the production of sugar masses and creams.

-desserts, ice cream, sauces

- Adds a more vivid and yellowish tinge to food color to the food. It can be used to make selling and decorating cakes and biscuits,

cookies and frosting.

Lighting Instructions: Store with solar discs.

The package contains 25g of dye.

Even 5g can color up to 100 kg of cake mass.

Data meeting: 11/2023

Composition: sodium chloride, dye (E 124, E102)