Ganga Jal 250G Heera

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I am very pleased to inform you that I am now going to something very special known as the GANGA JAL magical sacred water. GANGA is a sacred river in India and JAL means water. Magical water from the sacred River Ganga.

I am not sure if you have heard of the sacred river GANGA, this river is said to have a lot of powers GANGA JAL the liquid of life has the power of purifying not only the body but the soul too which I guess you should use because it is not possible for a person not to sin even once in his lifetime, everybody is a sinner, but there is nothing to worry about, if you are a sinner because all you have to do is get yourself a bottle of GANGA JAL and use it to purify yourself as well as your soul.

According to AGNI-PURANA a holy ritual, wherever the water of the ganga reaches that place b_comes sacred, and clean from all wrongs and above all it is sacred. It is also said in the books of spiritualism that even a criminal will go to avoid hell and go to heaven if he or she uses GANGA JAL.

Here in India people go to the river GANGA in a town known as Allahabad, where the two sacred rivers GANGA AND YAMUNA meet, that is know as SANGAM, "the GANJA JAL supplied to you is procured from this particular site SANGAM" where people, make it a point dip themselves or have a bath in the water after which they are purified and clean of all sins, but because you, my dear devotee, are so far from the mystic land INDIA that you cannot_come here to do so, I thus now offer you a bottle of the sacred GANGA JAL (Water from the "SANGAM" the meeting place of the holy river GANGA and YAMUNA), at a very small price.

How to make use of the GANGA JAL. On the first Friday after you have received your bottle of GANGA JAL when you go to take bath put a little of the GANGA JAL in the water that you are going to use for bath.You can repeat this procedure everytime you realize that you have done something wrong because of which you may have hurt GOD. I would suggest you to buy a bottle of GANGA JAL now as, nobody knows how long he or she is going to live.