Twelve Teas - Herbal blend 120g

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Twelve Teas - A collection of 12 flavors.

Black Tea, Green Tea and Flavored Teas.

Packaging: cardboard box, 60 bags in aluminum envelopes (12 flavors of 5 bags each).

Twelve Teas - A collection of 12 flavors.

Black, green and flavored express teas.

Packaging: cardboard box, 60 bags in aluminum envelopes (12 flavors, 5 bags each).

An ideal proposition for people who like to taste different types of teas, eagerly reach for different flavors depending on the time of day. Twelve Teas, thanks to its elegant packaging, will be a good gift.

The hermetic aluminum envelope guarantees a distinctive taste and full aroma in every brewed cup of tea.


Taste 1: Darjeeling tea

Often, it is often called champagne among the coats of arms. The unique taste of the technical climate of the Himalayas comes. A delicate aroma with a hint of nutmeg to her trademark.

Taste 2: Earl Gray Tea

Aristocrat among the herbs. A light blend of oriental herbs enriched with bergamot oil. The favorite drink of the English, which was on the website of admirers in Poland. Tea usually served without.

Taste 3: English Breakfast Tea

If you are fed up with your morning coffee, if the star is an alternative, fine English tea is an alternative. Strong, full-bodied, classic blend of delicious teas. The English love it with milk, but it also tastes great without it.

Taste 4: English High Tea

Traditional English afternoon tea to specially selected tea from India and Ceylon, enriched with a delicate hint of bergamot. It delights the cultivation with the balance of power and color. Often served as an iced tea.



Taste 1: Original green tea

The sweetness of fresh leaves, many valuable vitamins and nutrients are the secrets of health, aroma and excellent taste of tea tea. The drink is in the next color, because the process is currently carried out after breaking high-quality leaves. Green tea has other health effects in between due to its low caffeine content.

Taste 2: Jasmine Green Tea

Delicate green tea with the scent of young jasmine flower buds. Creating a romantic note for it - the ability to create solutions for tea leaves with jasmine flowers picked in the evening when they open. The tea is kept in airtight cans overnight and becomes intoxicating, in the morning the flowers are removed and the process is repeated all over again.

Taste 3: Lemon Green Tea

An invigorating blend of green teas from the highest quality lemon.

Taste 4: Mint Green Tea

A blend of the highest quality, promising green tea, refined with a delicate, refreshing mint flavor.


Taste 1: Apple - Apple

Delicious black tea with an intense apple aroma. A cup of Ahmad Tea London Apple tea to add a charming addition to each afternoon.

Taste 2: Lemon & Lime - Lemon and Lime

Refreshing tea tea with a lemon-lime aroma. Perfect for a summer afternoon. It tastes great both when served hot and cold.

Taste 3: Strawberry - Strawberry

Perfect black tea with strawberry flavor. The taste of summer in a cup of tea.

Served cold, it tastes just as good.

Taste 4: Peach and Passion flower. Peach and Passiflora

Delicious black tea with a deep taste and a sublime aroma of peach and passion flower. The taste of summer in a cup of tea. It tastes great both hot and cold.