Suhana Green Chilli Papadums 200g

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Heera Green Chilli Papadums

Heera Green Chilli Papadums

These are Indian Big round wafers, also known as pappadums, consisting of urad flour. They are rolled paper-thin, and dried out in the sun. papads are flame-roasted by placing it on a metal rack, a few inches above a burner. Once exposed to the heat, they will expand. Move the papad around quickly and evenly so it won't burn. Repeat to other side. In the South, they are deep fried in oil. Once in hot oil, they will expand and sizzle. Remove with tongs and place on paper towel to remove excess oil. Papads are served as an appetizer with coriander chutney, or served as an accompaniment to biryanis, pulaos and curries. A staple in every indian's home

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