Plain Bhujia 200g Haldiram's

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Haldiram's began as a tiny shop in Bikaner. Over 80years, two brothers from a noble family in Bikaner started from a small ‘namkeens’ shop. Their dream of doing something big turned out to be the Haldiram’s today. What began as a small town enterprise in India is today a global phenomenon. Haldiram's is a way of life for Indians all over the globe.

Plain Bhujia Haldiram's


Haldirams Plain Bhujia is mildly spicy tepary beans gram flour noodles. Haldiram is India's one of the most popular brands for snacks and Sweets. It is quite popular in India and is eaten with great joy as an evening snack.


Haldiram's entire range of namkeens, combine quality spices and authentic ingredients for a taste that cannot be substituted.




Ingredients: Tepary Beans flour, edible vegetable oil, gram pulse flour, edible common salt, ginger powder, black pepper powder, clove powder, mace powder, nutmeg powder, cardamom.




Suitable for Vegetarians.

May contains Peanuts.




weight: 200g

Nutritional Info (100g):

Energy (kcal)


Protein (g)




Fat (g)