Groch łuskany 500G TRS

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Chana Dal TRS, 500g

Peas are an excellent source of protein and essential amino acids. In addition, in peas we can find B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E and K, folic and pantothenic acid, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium. Peas contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which improves intestinal function, lowers blood sugar, as well as cholesterol and blood pressure. Peas are recommended in the fight against cancer and reduce the risk of their occurrence, it also deacidifies the body.

Chana dal also known as dried split chickpeas without a seed coat, produced by removing the outer layer of black / brown peas and dividing the small yellow
color related chickpeas into two halves. Chana dal is the most popular dal in India and is regularly eaten with rice and roti. Chana Dhal
is a ready-made protein source for a balanced diet with little or no meat. Chana dal spicy curry, chana dal masala, chana dal Tarka, chana dal from
Lauki are some of the very popular and delicious Indian dishes with chana dal (Bengal Gram or Kadalai Paruppu). Chana dal legumes are powdered
chickpeas Flour (besan or besin) used to prepare tasty and
traditional Indian desserts (Indian sweets: Besan Laddu, Besan Halwa, Besan Bundi). Chana dal recipes are tasty, nutritious and
easily digested.

Preparation Instructions:

Take 1 cup of chana dal in a bowl and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Soak in 4 cups of water for 1 hour. During long cooking in a closed vessel (30-40 min.) Preparation for pressure cooking is best for cooking, and cooking takes only 15 minutes. Now the cooked chan dal is ready to create varieties of traditional Indian recipes