Ginger Paste Heera 210g

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  • Manufacturer: Heera
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Heera Foods is a company engaged in the production and distribution of various food products. The company is headquartered in India and is known for a wide range of products, including spices, flours, nuts, dried fruits, rice, breakfast cereals, sauces, and soy chunks. Heera Foods is a respected supplier of food products both in the domestic and international markets. The company emphasizes high quality in its products and strives to deliver fresh and tasty food items to its customers.

Ginger paste adds a bold flavor and aroma to your dishes! Our ginger paste is an essential ingredient that enhances the taste and scent of your favorite meals. Made from the finest quality ginger, carefully ground, our paste offers a convenient and easy way to introduce the unique flavor of ginger into your cooking. Ginger is a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, known for its distinctive spicy, and slightly pungent aroma. Our ginger paste perfectly preserves these characteristics, making it an ideal addition to salads, sauces, soups, meat, fish dishes, and stir-fries. With our ginger paste, you can effortlessly infuse bold flavors and aromas into your favorite dishes. A small amount of paste is all you need to add spicy and pungent notes to your cooking. It's also an excellent way to experiment with new flavors and explore global cuisine. Ginger paste is conveniently packaged in jars that maintain the product's freshness and aroma.

Dodatkowe informacje:

Flavour: imbirowy
Country of origin: Wielka Brytania
Manufacturer: Heera
Type: pasta
Packaging condition: original
Trade name: Ginger Paste Heera
Product does not contain: not applicable
Additional features: wegetariańskie
Weight (g): 210