Maha Strong Pain Balm (Red) 8ml Amrutanjan

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Maha Strong Pain Balm (Red) 8ml Amrutanjan

Maha Strong Pain Balm (Red) Amrutanjan



New Maha Strong Pain Balm comes to you with an improved Hot Action formula with 8 active key ingredients. It cures intense back, shoulder, Headache, Neck Pain and Knee Pain with less effort and greater efficacy while reducing recovery time.

Hot Action provides instant pan relief through a unique heat therapy formula. Heat therapy increases blood supply to the affected area and relaxes the muscle thereby relieving pain in an instant.




Maha Strong Amrutanjan Balm 8ml pack comes with more power than the regular Amrutanjan Balm.

It can be used to bring pain relief from neck aches, joint pains, backaches, other body aches as well as headaches by applying a small amount of balm to the affected area.

Maha Strong Amrutanjan Balm is made from an ayurvedic mix of herbs and essential oils that is known to provide fast-acting pain relief.

The balm provides a soothing heating sensation to the skin where it is applied, this helps loosen tight muscles and joints and improve your condition in a short amount of time.

The small form factor makes it easy to carry this 8ml pack of Amrutanjan Balm anywhere you go.




Directions for use: Apply on the affected parts and gently massage.





Gandhapura patra taila (Gaultheria fragrantissima-Lf., Ol.), Pudinah ( Mentha arvensis-Aerial part, satva), Kejoputi taila (Melaeuca leucadendron-Lf.,Ol), Lavanga taila (Syzygium aromaticum-Fl.Bd.,Ol.), Pudinah (Mentha arvensis-Aerial part, Ol.), Tailaparna taila (Eucalyptus globulus-Lf.,Ol.), Ardraka (Zingiber officinale-Rz.,Ol), Katuvira (Capsicum annuum-Fr., Satva), Ointment base q.s.



Safety Information:

It is meant for external use only. In case of accidental swallowing, seek medical attention immediately.
Keep Amrutanjan Pain Balm out of children’s reach.
Do not heat the product or take it anywhere near an open flame.
Do not bandage the area tightly after applying the balm.
Do not use the balm with a heating pad.
Make sure to store the balm at room temperature.