Instant Idiyappam (string hopper) 150g Anil

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Instant Idiyappam (string hopper) 150g Anil

Instant Idiyappam Anil


Idiyappam also known as string hopper is a rice noodle dish native to the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka (South India). It consists of rice flour pressed into noodles, woven into a flat disc and steamed.

Idiyappam can be served with veg kurma or mushroom korma or veg stew or kadala curry. For kids you can even serve with slightly thinned coconut milk sweetened with jaggery. You can also sprinkle some sugar on top and serve them.




Boil the water with required amount of salt and take the required quantity of Anil idiyappam In a vessel. Pour boiling water to the Anil idiyappam until it gets immersed then keep that aside for 1 minute. After that drain the excess water with juice stained. Now Instant idiyappam is ready to serve. Anil idiyappam can be enjoyed with sweet coconut milk with added cardamom.




Ingredients: rice, salt





weight: 150g