Holi Colour Gulal Powders SET KRG Tropic 2kg

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  • Manufacturer: KRG Tropic
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  • Net Price: 81.30 zł / pcs. 100.00 zł / pcs.

Since 1999, Tropic KRG has specialized in importing Asian products. Leveraging global contacts to provide high-quality goods at low prices, it boasts its own warehouse and private label, with an inventory exceeding 2000 products.

Holi Colours KRG Tropic are fun, full of energy and joy! Created with eco-friendly standards in mind, these non-toxic starch-based powders are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the festival of colors without worry.

The set includes: 2x red, 2x green, 2x pink, 2x yellow and 2x blue colour- these powders allow you to create unforgettable effects during any event or festival. From bright bursts of color to subtle accents, the possibilities are endless.

Enriched with intense pigments, Holi powders provide a unique visual effect, emphasizing the atmosphere of joy and fun. Their safe formula means you can enjoy Holi without fear of negative impact on the environment.