Brahmi Mind Wellness 60 tablets Himalaya

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Himalaya Brahmi 60 tabl

Himalaya Brahmi is a herbal supplement for everyday diet that improves both the psyche and the functioning of the brain, and increases intellectual abilities. it also improves mental clarity and supports the relaxing mechanisms of the central nervous system. It rejuvenates nerve cells. Increases vitality and memory, slows down the aging process. It relieves tension and distraction. Used in the treatment of cerebral strokes, nervous breakdowns, fatigue and diseases associated with attention disorders.


It improves intellect, awareness and mental health. Increases protein synthesis and brain activity. It improves memory, mental clarity and longevity. It reduces anxiety and anxiety.



Behavioral disorders.

Memory impairment.

Susceptibility to stress.



Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day with a meal. Use only for a few weeks until the desired therapeutic effect is achieved.


Brahmi is a plant that grows in marshy areas and is generally grown in South India. He also frequently shows up in Central America, Nepal and Sri-Lanka, China and Taiwan. It belongs to the group of plants with climbing shoots and fleshy, relatively thick leaves. It has small, white, four or five-petal flowers. Its ability to grow in highly irrigated areas makes it an extremely well-known plant to keep in aquariums.



60 tablets