Coconut Electric Scraper (Coconicer Domestic) Euromax

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Coconut Electric Scraper (Coconicer Domestic) Euromax

Coconicer Domestic Premium Euromax


EUROMAX Coconut Scraper comes with 2 Bowl, 1 Lid, safety Cap, safety switch & additional Blades cover attachment. It is Built with the premium quality blade and body the of ABS plastic, Safely designed with Round edge blades for safe scraping.

Built With Pure copper wound ISI Certified Induction Motor, Single phase, Output Power 60 Watts, Input Power 100 Watts, 220V, 50-60HZ, 300 Rpm, CE certified power cord, CE certified on/off switch.

Connected with Copper terminals and safety sleeves, Virgin ABS Body, Quality Rubber of Vacuum Leg and bushes, Stainless Steel Grating blade & Safety cover
Durability: ABS Plastic of premium quality, Supported with Dual cool vent for motor for long life and Vacuum suction on bottom for anti-skid (anti-slip).



Dimensions 29 × 27 × 21 cm