Attract Money Incense Sticks Heera 15g

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Heera is a well-known brand providing among the others food products and incense sticks. All of the products are very high quality which made Heera recognizable in many countries. Heera's products include ready-to-eat foods, beverages, spreads, spices, pickles, sauces, flours, rices, spice blends, as well as luxury spices such as saffron.

Attract Money Incense Sticks Heera 


Heera incense sticks have a pure clean burn, with a fantastic aroma. This a scent above the rest. Money incense that truly has a wonderful scent. Use this to attract good fortune and prosperity your way. Heera Attract Money, a rich blend of purity and simplicity the collection of fragrances is simply irresistible and truly epitomizes the richness.


The incense sticks are 100% natural & free from toxic substances. Light these incense stick for a powerful, yet soft, sweet, fragrance that will sanctify the area.




• They clean the surroundings with a pleasant scent,

• The soothing fragrance refreshes the heart, mind, and soul,

• Provide moments of respite in the busy lives of each of us,

• calm down and soothe the mind,

• make meditation pleasant,

• They give prayer a unique power,

• Bring peace to your home,

• facilitate relaxation and restful sleep,

• Loved by everyone,

• The use of incense sticks is not harmful!


100% natural incense sticks from India