Himalaya Cystone

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Himalaya Cystone 60 Tablets. (treatment of the urinary system)

Himalaya Cystone. It is a natural medicine from the extract of nine plants enclosed in one capsule and it is the company's flagship product (Himalaya)


- works against inflammation and bacteria.

-helps lower the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

-helps to get rid of the urinary tract (bacteria, viruses and fungi).

-helps to get rid of excess bile acid

-increases the secretion of bile not replaced during the digestion of fats. it is not necessary to get rid of the harmful bile acid, toxins and many other harmful substances from the body.

in the opinion of some experts, this preparation shows high efficiency in the treatment of nephrolithiasis, comparable to modern radiation technologies.


Extracts: Shilapuspha (Didymocarpus pedicellata) 130 mg
Pasanabheda (Saxifraga ligulata Syn. Bergenia ligulata / ciliata) 98 mg Saxifrage
Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) 32 mg,
Nagarmusta (Cyperus scariosus) 32 mg
Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera) 32 mg,
Gojiha (Onosma bracteatum) 32 mg
Sahadevi (Vernonia cinerea) 32 mg,
Shilajeet (purified) 26 mg
Hajrul yahood bhasma 32 mg