1 Hour Idli/Dosa Batter pre-mix 1kg Double Horse

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1 Hour Idli/Dosa Batter pre-mix Double Horse



1 Hour Idli/Dosa Double Horse is a pre-mix to prepare delicious Idly or Dosa. Just add water and set aside for 1 hour for the dough to ferment. After this time, the mix is ready for dosa frying or idly steaming.




READY TO COOK MIX: Double Horse Idly Dosa Batter Premix is ready in one hour and delicious in taste

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made using Rice Flour and Black Gram Flour

GOODNESS OF NUTRIENTS: Idly ,Dosa are a nutritious meal because it is rich in protein and fibre

NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES: It contains no added preservatives & colours

AMAZING MEAL: Can be enjoyed at anytime of the day for a deliciously healthy and light meal

ASSURED DOUBLE HORSE QUALITY: Maintain uniform color by analysing Hunter value and keeping traditional taste

ALSO TRY: It can prepare Idly /Dosa in the same batter of this mix. Extra soft idly and crispy Dosa



Method of preparation:


1. Mix one cupe (200g) of ''1 Hour Idli/Dosa Batter pre-mix Double Horse'' with 2 cups (400g) lukewarm water. Blend it for one minute.

2. Keep it aside for 1 hour at room temperature.


IDLY: Add salt to taste and pour the batter into idly steamer and make delicious soft idly.

DOSA: Add salt to taste and pour the batter to hot tava and make delicious Dosa with ghee/oil.




Ingredients: rice flour, black gram dal flour, yeast and citric acid.




weight: 1kg