Sunfeast YiPPee Noodles Magic Masala 280g

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Delicious three-color pasta with a unique creamy sauce!

A method of preparing:

  • Pour 230 ml (about 1 1/3 cup) of water into the pot.
  • Pour the contents of the package (pasta and sauce bag) into a pot and mix with water
  • Cook for 5 minutes, uncovered

Pasta: wheat semolina 75.9%, paprika extract 0.3%, spinach extract 0.2%
Sauce: powdered milk, dried vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beans), iodized sodium, sugar, onion powder, [E501 ( i), guar gum, stabilizer E339 (ii), E450 (iii), E452 (i), acidity regulator E501 (i), E500 (i)], hydrolyzed vegetable protein, spices 1.3%, Malto dextrin, vegetable oil, starch , vegetable fat powder [stabilizer E451, anti-caking agent E551, antioxidant E320], garlic particles, flavor enhancers E627, E631, red chili powder 0.1%, black pepper powder 0.1%, green cardamom powder 0.02%, nutmeg powder 0.01%, anti-caking agent