Patanjali Chhole Masala

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Patanjali Chhole Masala

Patanjali Chhole Masala, 100g


Chhole masala also known as chana masala.Chole masala is a blend of select spices used in the preparation of chickpeas or kabuli chana. Chhola Masala Powder is obtained from mixing of several grinded spices.

Benefit :

* Enhance the taste and colour of product.
* Protects from Digestive problems.
* Boosts your energy and immunity.
Ingredients :
Cumin Powder, 
Coriander Powder,
Big Elaichi Powder,
Small Elaichi Powder,
Mace Powder,
Kachri Powder, 
Red Chilli Powder, 
Black Pepper Powder, 
Sounth Powder, 
Clove Powder,
Amchur Powder,
Ajwain Powder,
Anardana Powder, 
Salt (White Salt),
Black Salt Powder.