Alphonso Mango Slices - 850g

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Mango is called the "King of fruits"  very popular, rich in nutrients with a unique flavor. Aromatic and tasty, warming in Eastern medicine.
Mango tree native to India but is now grown on many continents.
The fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and flavonoids, polyphenols - antioxidants ingredients. According to recent studies mango prevents prostate cancer, breast, colon and leukemia.
Mango is an excellent source of Vitamins A and flavonoids like beta-carotene, alpha-carotene. 100 g of fruit provides 25% of the daily requirement of vitamin A, which plays a key role for the eyes and skin. Fresh fruits rich in vitamin A protects against lung cancer and oral cavity.
Mango contains up to 156 mg of potassium per 100 g, which is an important component of the cell in effect on blood pressure.
The mango will find lots of vitamin B6, C and E.

Alphonso mango, Sugar, Water and Citric Acid.