Gorzki melon / Karela 500g

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Bitter melon / Karela – vegetable and health

relief Bitter melon is a very popular vegetable in Asian countries, where its health-promoting properties are widely known. Especially the ability to lower blood glucose levels. Admittedly, not like drugs that are effective on one organ or tissue, but its action improves glucose metabolism throughout the body. Its role is especially important in the intestines, where carbohydrates and sugars are converted into glucose and transported to the blood. Bitter melon reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by inhibiting enzymes that break down sugars that are complex into simple sugars. It also affects the glucose transport channels.
Bitter melon can also play a preventive role in Type II diabetes, where it restores the proper response to insulin in individual organs.
In addition to the regulatory properties of blood sugar levels, bitter melon acts as an antioxidant, against the negative effects of diabetes.

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