Urid Dal 500G / 1 kg / 2 kg TRS

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Urid Dal, TRS, 500g

Urid Dal, Urad Dal or Ulutham Paruppu are black lentils that have been split and skinned. A common and popular legume, they are widely used all over India for making dhal or soups. Urid dal, along with rice, are used to make dosas, the crisp pancakes of southern India and also to make poppadums. In South India, Urid dal is used as a seasoning with mustard seeds for curries.

Black lentils contains a lot of protein, folic acid, low fat, carbohydrates, and lots of fiber and minerals. It is also very calorific and has a low glycemic index, so I can safely consume diabetes because it stabilizes blood sugar levels. It also has iron useful to those willing to anemia. Above it is a source of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, helps the digestive system, przemioanę matter, weight loss, and above all, lowers cholesterol.

The urad dal also called “Black-dal” are dried seed with husk which are ovoid in shape with black skin outside and a prominent white spot on their inner curve. Urad dal has black skin while the inside is creamy white or yellow. This white lentil is rich in protein and iron content which is good for improving hemoglobin count. Urad dal is great for vegan diet consisting of low fat. Urad dal has a smooth texture, nut like flavor and used to prepare in making nutritious soup in all over Europe and America. They are most popularly used in India. Black urad dal are used to prepare in making soups, salad, and mix vegetable and Dal Makhani which is a curry, simmered in cream, butter and thick tomato sauce and flavored with authentic Indian spices, which is very popular Indian cuisine in Punjab. Dal makhani is one of the most famous recipes which have its origin from Punjab. It is good to taste and healthy to eat. It goes well with nan, roti or any Indian bread. When this curry is combined with rice or bread (roti), it supplies high quality protein which provides a healthy alternative to meat and other animal protein. Black urad are unique because they taste wonderful without any spices also. They are used in salad as a whole and also eaten after boiling to a thick consistency and mixed with diced tomatoes, onions and Salt for a Indian Snacks .

Preparation Instructions:

Take one cup Urad dal in a bowl and add 4 cups of water in it and leave it for at least 8 hours. It will yield 3 cups of Urad dal. Soaked Urad dal can be directly used in salad.

It is also used in making pan fry dishes. To prepare Traditional Indian Cuisine from Urad dal, take soaked dal in a closed pan with water and put it on a high flame for 10 minutes and let it partially cook. Cooked Urad dal is ready for preparing varieties of delicious Indian recipes.