Tikka Marinade Paste 300g Mother's Recipe

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Mother’s Recipe is a well know Indian ethnic foods brand, they are present nationally in India and markets like the Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, UK, Canada & the US.
The Mother’s Recipe product range consists of Indian Pickles, Spices, Chutneys, Papadams, Cooking Pastes, Curry Powders, Ready to Cook products, Indian Meals, Ready to Eat products, Chutneys, Canned Vegetables, Mango Pulp.

Tikka Marinade Paste Mother's Recipe


Tikka Marinade Paste from Mother's Recipe is an authentic Indian marinade in paste form. It is made with selected aromatic spices, which are combined in optimal proportions. You can marinate meat in no time with this paste. The paste comes to you in its tastiest appearance and whenever you use it for any dish you will get the unusual yummy tang of homemade paste. It has one of the most necessary ingredients in Indian cuisines it is additional to almost all non-veg dishes and many veg dishes like pulao, biryani, matar, paneer, etc.



Ingredients: Water, Salt, Ginger, Cottonseed Oil, Garlic, Bengal Gram Flour, Dry Mango, Chilli, Coriander, Cumin, Mustard Oil, Spices, Citric Acid And Acetic Acid As Acidity Regulator.


Store In A Cool And Dry Place.




weight: 300g