Tanjavur Ponni Boiled Rice

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Thanjavur Ponni Boiled Rice,riz, Riso , ritst, arroz , chokha

Thanjavur Ponni Boiled Rice

Ponni Rice is a staple in South India,Southeast Asia.It is mainly used for making cooking rice, noodles, desserts and sweets. Boiled Rice is a regular ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine and is used in many rotis and desserts such as shondesh and Bhapa phitha (steamed rice cakes). Heera Rice is made from Healthy and pure grain of Rice.The rice flour is mixed with flour of wheat, millet, and other cereals to make manni, a kind of baby food. Sometimes cut dried fruits or dried vegetables are added for flavour and more nutrients. This is commonly used in the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Udupi of Karnataka, and India. Custards and gravies.