Kasuri Methi 50g/1kg Suhana

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Kasoori methi is sun-dried fenugreek leaves. They are used in Indian cooking and taste feeding like the activities of celery and fennel.



  • combines well with starchy vegetables like carrot and potatoes. It is an essential part of a popular Indian dish, a stew known as “Aloo methi”.

  • is often mashed and sprinkled over curries and vegetable dishes just before serving, to add flavour.

  • is used in many dishes of Indian cuisine, for instance, in a curry known as “Methi Matar Malai” (made with Kasuri Methi, peas and cream) and in yeast bread known as “Methi naan” ( a flatbread that is eaten with stew).

  • is also used to add flavour and aroma to gravy dishes and raita.